I'm Vikram. I currently run Baxter with Gabriel Garrido and I've been a software engineer, tech lead, and exec at early stage startups for over a decade.

I like building things, exploring topics in-depth, and sharing what I've learned. I write about those things on this blog and I also post to Twitter and LinkedIn.

Credit: katiebcartoons.com

Some things I've worked on:

  • Atari Email Archive: a curated showcase of emails set at Atari in the 80's. You can read about it on this post and hear me talk about it on this podcast.
  • A Primer on Roaring Bitmaps: this in-depth article is my most popular post. It hit #1 on Hacker News one weekend and now sees steady traffic from Google and many (software engineering-centric) corners of the Internet.
  • Landlubbers: my partner and I love old-school point-and-click adventure games like Monkey Island and we make them together. Landlubbers is about an executive assistant whose annoying boss makes her do pointless things.
  • katiebcartoons.com: I run this little art business with my partner, who's drawn over 1,000 cartoons over 10+ years. You can also see her work on Instagram and at art fairs around Brooklyn (we show up at Bagelfest yearly).